Binod(Vice President Operations @ Mega Cabs,New Delhi)

It was a true experience doing Tarot reading with you Kritie! Thank you very much whole heartedly

Kailash (Vice President @ PNR Group,New Delhi)

Thank You so very much Kritie Sodhaani for such an amazing tarot card reading session...Will be troubling you very soon :)

Rohini (Founder@Studio Red,Kolkata)

I recommend Kritie strongly to anyone who might have questions which they need answered. Not only does she reflect well what the cards bring forth but help you to come to peace with yourself and the situation you are in. Truly a tarot reader-healer & mentor! All the very best!!!

Eshita ( Director @ Channel Eight, Kolkata)

The page looks perfect Kriti. I got my reading done by you and to my surprise you have pin pointed things very correctly. After meeting you I am following "B Positive" as my living syndrome. Hats off to you. All the readers who r interested in getting their tarot reading done 'Kriti' is the right person. Go ahead. Cheers and wish you luck.

Rashme (co founder of Book Worm Library @ Vizag)

Thanks a lot Kritie, after I got my reading done by you, the first major change I felt was my anxiety has come down a lot as somehow I can see it coming and am able to control it, secondly you were bang on the dot with regard to my relationship problem's reason which I am trying to put it on the track. All in all I was very satisfied by your reading and confidently recommend you.

Dinkar (works@ Goldman Sachs,Singapore)

I had a nice experience doing the tarot card session with Kriti Didi...I couldn't believe how true were some of the things when she opened the cards and answered the questions that I asked...Although I am not a firm believer of all these things and let my destiny open itself, this session was enlightening.:)

Anuja(Owner@ FotoGraffiti,Kolkata)

Hi Kritie it was lovely to sit with you this afternoon and see you read my cards. It has helped me to a great extent understand, how to get better by filling the gaps. The small time pockets which lay empty and the blocks of capabilities unused, your reading has helped me realize and cover all of it and importantly make use of it. Thank you for your time.

Aditya (Manager Audit @ BRCM Process and Control, Gurgaon)

Life is about taking confused decision.....In order to be sure.....ensure you think twice....The tarot session was great,hey wait a minute it is not we all say simple words 'clear questions has clear answer'so tarot will listen to your heart get down to the roots of subconscience mind and gives you the most practical answer.....thanks kritie.... For the tarot session.... It helped me to decide the most important decision of my life....guys believe me will be an amazing experiance.......

Ruche (Founder Member of HEN India and creative Heart @ Idea Perfect,Bangalore)

i was always confused with what is tarot all about and how true is it etc... but for me the changing moment was when Kritie Sodhani - founder member of Open ur Cards could read my mind... i asked her to read my mind at that moment and she was so very true... she has amazing skill set around this... thanx Kritie and Open ur cards... :)

Kajol (Mumbai)

I always heard about the Tarot reading...wanted to experience once and i got reference from my friend about the same and contact Kritie for my was so positive feelings after knowing all the things for my questions.....and still i am very much positive about the same....due to distance we had reading over phone but god grace i got chance to meet Kritie personally....It was very pleased to meet her....again it was very different experience....face2face reading....and after that i became more positive about life......really Kritie after Tarot reading i became more positive....friends i realy suggest ki once you should do the tarot reading.....Thanks Kritie.....

Devanshi (Student@ University of Edinburgh,Edinburgh)

Last December after completing my 12th in IB I had to make some tough choices about what subjects I should pursue in university to help me get into the right career path in the coming years. Hence I chose to get my answers through Tarot. Kritie's answers were very satisfying and helpful and through Tarot I validated my choices. After choosing those subjects and after a whole year in university I am now pretty happy with my choices and much clearer about my career path. Thanks a lot!


its grt to see your work helping so many people,and am inspired reading your journey memorabilia. keep doing the good work.

Abhinav (Student @ Vellore Institute of Technology,Vellore)

when i first heard about kritie's tarot reading....i was not very sure about it...but then i thot ov givin it a shot....i asked her questions about my past times....and i was amazed how accurate her readings were....around the very same time i was also very perplexed about my further studies and career options after my prime areas of interest were civil and architecture...and i was really confused abut which 1 2 pick....i consulted kritie about the very same....afer talkin 2 her...i had things very clear in my head about what am i 2 proved 2 b very helpful in choosing the right opption 4 me...i'm pretty satisfied with what i'm doin rite now...thanks a ton kritie...!! :)

Dimple (research associate @ Atherstone Communications limited, kolkata)

hi, this is Dimple i had done my Tarot reading with Kriti, and indeed it was a very exciting experience. We dwelled on the future and present. Though i cannot comment that wether the future would go hand in hand with the predictions, but YES the present and the near future both were quite assuring... GOD BLESS.

Pankaj (Senior Analyst in Business Analytics and Research @ Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab, Bangalore)

As of day when I am writing this, I am knowing Kritie for last 4 years.she was my class representative during our academics and was very good in managing things in a cool and calm way. A highly versatile and hard working personality who has done well everywhere, whether it's academics, corporate world and now in Tarot reading. She did answer some of my queries by tarot card and till date, it's going in the same way what she predicted for me. Hope, the same should continue in future as well. All the very best!

Neeraj (Research Analyst @ Cognizant, Hyderabad)

hi, I did the reading in 2011 & i feel the readings have already started to show & are gradually coming on. Thanks for guiding & keep the good work going. I wish you all the best for your future readings.