Confused about somebody's character? Want to know a detailed character analysis of the person, thinking of joining hands with someone in respect of business, partnership, alliances, marriage, you could know the real character of the person and take guidance from that.

What's it about?

There are situations in life when we do not really know if we should go ahead with the person or not, be it business, work or personal relationships. Every other thought makes it all the more difficult, decisions become a huge problem, stress overpowers.
With this, I could help you in understanding the real character of the person. The entire persona of the person would be in front of your eyes, and then you could very well take guidance and take things forward as per your choice.

What's in store/ deliverable:

Understanding the character of the person, his personality on the basis of his mind, career, emotions, close ones, growth, purpose towards life, possessions etc.