Angels are always by your side to guide you. They are waiting to help you but only after we seek help from their end. They can give guidance on your relationships, situations, career, challenges you face and many other fronts. By inviting those into your life as well as by seeking help from them can make miracles happen.

Angel Readings are different in nature to the Tarot Readings as the energy is gentle, very light and sweet. They offer positive guidance, healing and support.

These are personalised readings with messages sent directly to you from the Angels, what they would want you to know in regards to a particular situation or person.

Types of Angel Readings:

1. Find out who your guiding angels are? : $24.00
Those Angels who are always around you, protecting you, supporting you and healing you

2. Angel Specific question reading: $24.00

3. Covering the present and next three months: $24.00

4. Angel soul mate reading: $33
How to prepare to meet your soul mate
Your blockages
Angel guidance to clear blockages
The future

5. Life purpose Angel Reading: $33.00
What you have learned in the past
What you are learning now
What steps can you take right now?
How you can help yourself and others
Your life purpose in reference to the initial question

6. Abundance Reading: $42
This reading refers to money related issues.
Questions like these could be answered:
What you learned about money as a child
Your current beliefs about money
Blocks to abundance
Angel's guidance about abundance
Your next best step to take
What to expect after you take this step
How to keep abundance flowing in your life

7. Relationship Wisdom Reading: $33.00
In regards to a particular person with whom you are related and would want to explore more about your relationship
Few examples are given below:
How is the relationship helpful to you?
How is the relationship a distraction/problem/challenge to you?
What is the relationship teaching you?